Equity management and compliance reporting all in one place


Equity management and compliance reporting all in one place

Through an integrated approach to technology and service, OPTRACK provides a centralized system to manage all aspects of your company’s equity. We offer the power of an enterprise solution with the convenience of self-administration.

Simplified financial reporting

Fulfill your obligations with our standard reports.

Secure your data

Cloud hosting with Computershare is always on and always up to date.

Satisfy auditors

Our application supports an SOC-1 SSAE-18 audit certification.

Configurable views

Encourage greater use across your organization with views based upon role such as administrator or auditor.

Drive participant engagement

Offer employees a view into their holdings via their own dedicated portal.

Streamline grant agreement acknowledgement and tracking

Online acknowledgement simplifies the process for you and your employees.

Full historical tracking of data

Avoid risks associated with spreadsheets and free online solutions.

In the event your company growth demands an outside plan administrator, we can support a seamless transition to Computershare’s fully outsourced model as and when needed, or just leverage their expertise when needed via our plans consulting team.