Extensive feature set for both public and private companies


Extensive feature set for both public and private companies

OPTRACK was designed with the plan administrator in mind. The software offers a clear, straight-forward view of your data and includes a comprehensive set of features and tools that will help you reduce risk, ensure compliance and save time in managing your equity compensation plans and cap table.

Financial reporting

Available for both ASC-718 and IFRS-2 standards, calculations can be manually entered ensuring accuracy of historical data or automatically calculated using the Black Scholes method. Auditor-friendly justification available for all calculations.

Full equity plans self-administration

Stock options, performance awards, restricted awards, warrants and other grant types can be managed.

Secure cap table management

See all holdings and dilution models in a simple view.

Liability accounting (mark to market or revaluation)

Can be automatically adjusted upon a monthly or quarterly period selection.

Easy disclosures

Create them on-the-fly for easy quarterly or annual reporting.

Detailed valuations

See where any calculation is coming from with drill down hyperlinked justification.

Comprehensive analysis

Generate expected term and forfeiture rate analysis reports.

Convenient participant portal

Offer individuals a simple view into their holdings and communications.

Robust document management

Store and track key documents.

Customizable internal reporting

Generate any custom report by inserting, ordering and renaming any available field for reporting purposes.