Extensive features for private companies 


Having confidence in your equity compensation, stock option and stock data is vital for you, your company and your investors.

Privately held and limited liability companies use OPTRACK to cost-effectively self-administer employee equity plans, manage their cap table and comply with financial reporting obligations. And unlike other self-administration solutions, OPTRACK can accommodate your move to a publicly traded company if that is part of your business plan.

With OPTRACK you gain reliable visibility into all activities related to the tracking and expensing of equity awards and company ownership.


Secure cap table management.
Eliminate manual spreadsheets and have confidence in your cap table data. See all holdings and dilution models in a simple view with updates in real time.

Equity plans self-administration.
Stock options, performance awards, restricted awards, warrants, profit interests and other grant types can all be managed from one platform.

Investor and employee portals.
Engage your investors and employees with personalized views and detailed ownership reports.

Simplified financial reporting.
Navigate complex financial reporting obligations with ease. Available for both ASC-718 and IFRS-2 standards, calculations can be manually entered ensuring accuracy of historical data or automatically calculated using the Black Scholes method. Auditor-friendly justification is available for all calculations.   

Simple. Reliable.
Cap table management. 


Equity data is complex enough,
managing your cap table shouldn't be

For private companies, a capitalization (cap) table is a vital component to provide information for everything from an investor meeting to a 409A valuation. A single system that provides visibility into all aspects of your company’s equity, makes managing your cap table easier and more efficient. With OPTRACK you eliminate the risk of tracking valuable data through manual spreadsheets and calculations. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to see all holdings and dilution models in a simple view with updates in real time.

Easily manage your entire cap table including: 

  • Distribution model for all share classes

  • Visibility into all holdings (including shareholder view)

  • Outstanding and fully diluted views

  • Waterfall analysis

  • Automatic updates for award exercises

  • Electronic certificates

  • Cost basis tracking

  • What-if scenario planning

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Have confidence in your equity compensation and company ownership data. With OPTRACK, you can:


Streamline grant agreement acknowledgement and tracking

Online acknowledgement simplifies the process for you and your employees


Satisfy auditors

Offer full justification for displayed values. Our application supports an SOC-1 SSAE-18 audit certification.


Secure your data

Avoid risks associated with keeping our data in spreadsheets. Cloud hosting with Computershare is always on and always up to date.


Maintain tracking of historical data

Import all your data quickly and efficiently.

Let’s discuss how OPTRACK can give you confidence in your company’s equity management.

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