Equity management and compliance reporting all in one place 


OPTRACK was designed with the plan administrator in mind. The software offers a clear, straight-forward view of your data and includes a comprehensive set of features and tools that will help you reduce risk, ensure compliance and save time in managing your equity compensation plans.


Self-administration for equity plans
Stock options, performance awards, restricted awards, warrants and other grant types can be managed.

Convenient participant portal
Offer employees a view into their holdings via their own dedicated portal.

Comprehensive analysis
Generate expected term and forfeiture rate analysis reports.

Easy disclosures
Create them on the fly for easy quarterly or annual reporting.

Termination rules
Allows for automated forfeitures and future cancellation of awards upon employment status changes.

Detailed valuations
See where any calculation is coming from with drill-down hyperlinked justification.

Brokerage add-on capability
Flexibility to use your own selected broker, or we can offer additional recommendations should you need them.

Financial reporting
Available for both ASC-718 and IFRS-2 standards, calculations can be manually entered ensuring accuracy of historical data or automatically calculated using the Black Scholes method. Auditor-friendly justification is available for all calculations.

Have confidence in your equity compensation data. 
With OPTRACK, you can:


Streamline grant agreement acknowledgement and tracking

Online acknowledgement simplifies the process for you and your employees


Satisfy auditors

Offer full justification for displayed values. Our application supports an SOC-1 SSAE-18 audit certification


Secure your data

Avoid risks associated with keeping our data in spreadsheets. Cloud hosting with Computershare is always on and always up to date.


Maintain tracking of historical data

Import your legacy data quickly and efficiently.

In the event your company's growth requires an outside plan administrator, we can support a seamless transition to Computershare’s fully outsourced model when needed, or just leverage their expertise through our plans consulting team.

See the power of OPTRACK in action via a live complimentary demo

Looking for an automated solution to manage and submit SEC corporate insider forms? We’ve got you covered.