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Having confidence in your equity compensation, stock option and stock data is vital for you, your company and your investors.

Privately held and public companies alike use our self-administration solution to manage employee equity plans, comply with financial reporting obligations and manage their cap table – all in a cost-effective manner. Computershare clients trust OPTRACK for reliable visibility into all activities related to the tracking and expensing of equity awards and their company’s ownership.

OPTRACK is the self-administration software that lets you do this and much more.

Take control and reduce your risk today


Whether your company is privately held or public, OPTRACK is the self-administration software you need to administer employee equity, manage your cap table and take care of your financial reporting obligations, all in one place.


Simplify compliance

Navigate complex financial reporting obligations with ease.


Achieve peace of mind

Enjoy certainty with OPTRACK as your single system of record, including access to accurate historical data.


Keep your participants informed

Engage your employees with personalized views and detailed ownership reports.


Satisfy auditors

Offer full justification for displayed values.

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 Simplifying stock option processes and validating data accuracy with a self-administered solution

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OPTRACK is already the preferred choice for hundreds of public and private companies looking to self-administer their employee plans' data and financial reporting needs.

A part of the Computershare suite of solutions, OPTRACK is just one of the many services available to support your business needs.

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